I am looking out the huge picture window of our condo.  The weather has started to cool a bit and the wind is blowing.  I have so much work to do.  I have to do schedules, budget and update my content calendar… figure out dinners for the week and start some laundry.


But I hang here, giving myself just a minute to watch the light as it dances across leaves. I love the sound of the wind in the leaves.  It sounds like shells turning in the tide. I stretch that minute out just a tic longer.  I needed this.  Good god I am lucky.


In the day to day it is so easy to lose sight.  Moments get lost.  Conversations that should take priority are missed.    And it is far too easy to wake up in the morning and wish you did not have to face the day. And that is heartbreaking.   Because it is another glorious day you are here on this magical planet.

Yes is life messy and hard.  Without a doubt there is too much hardship and sadness.  Sometimes more than you think your soul can bear.


But look.  The leaves are playing a tune that is so lovely that even the light must dance.  The ocean is in the song though it is over a hundred miles away.  You are surrounded by magic.  It is often so hard to see, but it is there.  Sometimes all you need to see it is to just stop. And look.


Sometimes, you need the contrast of the dark to see the light.