Make your intuition your SUPERPOWER

We all have intuition. Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without analytic reasoning, bridging the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind, and also between instinct and reason.

In fact we need intuition to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, personally and professionally. However, we live in a society that teaches us to ignore these gut checks and to work solely off of logic.

However, what if you could harness your intuition so that you could make decision that were more in alignment for a more joyful life?

Join us June 24th at 6:00p.m. as Seo Kelleher shares her storey of how she went from being all logic with no access to her intuition to full on intuitive master. She will teach us different ways we can tune in for our own intuitive guidance, and share tips on how to strengthen our ability to recognize and access this guidance.

***note*** Studio Two Three is closed to the public this night so you will need to come in through the entrance on Moore St. If you are running late please text me at (804) 380-6356 so I can let you in.

100% of the cost of the ticket is being donated to the YMCA.